Nick Humphries | Freelance photographer and video producer based out of Flagstaff, AZ and San Francisco, CA


Through photography as well as videography and writing, I seek to explore and communicate important stories, ideas, topics, issues, and current events related to people, animals, technology, politics, and the environment.

Personal and Creative Background

I'm originally from Southern California (Los Angeles and Ventura County) but moved to Tucson, Arizona in 2011, then to Flagstaff, Arizona in 2014, then to San Francisco in 2018. In between I've been served with AmeriCorps NCCCFEMA Corps, and Southwest Conservation Corps (now Arizona Conservation Corps). I also went to Northern Arizona University (NAU) from 2014-18 to study the intersections of photojournalism, activism, and social and environmental topics.

Looking back at my twelve-plus years of experience as a photographer (mostly being self taught through years of research, inspiration, experimentation, and gradual improvements), it all really stemmed from my background in design. Long story short, once upon a time I was a kid obsessed with drawing cars and dreaming up new product ideas, so much so that I wanted to become a car and product designer, and so in 2006 I took part in a summer pre-college art experience program at the Academy of Art University (AAU) in San Francisco where it all began. 

It was in one particular new media class at AAU which introduced me to the world of visual communication, including graphic design, print design, web design, and photography. I remember we had to design our own faux magazine which had to include photography elements. After capturing the stunning scenery around San Francisco, albeit with my parent's old Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W5 point-and-shoot camera, it was from that point forward I became obsessed with photography (and San Francisco). 

As for my design aspirations, I decided to forgo pursuing a career in car and product design and, instead, shift my focus toward photography and similar creative fields (including the aforementioned graphic design, print design, and web design) and eventually social media, blogging/writing, and also a myriad of topics relating to social and environmental issues (which ultimately lead me to journalism/photojournalism, activism, and other social/environmental causes). 

As an aside, I didn't really get involved in video production until later, after the arrival of cameraphone-based videography and being closely involved with a Nokia sponsored collaborative user-generated social media film project (dubbed, "Humanity" under the auspices of "Nokia Productions" and directed by Spike Lee) in 2008. 

Besides being a freelance photographer and video producer now, in the past I have worked as a photojournalist, photo editor, web content director, and web chief for The Lumberjack student newspaper along with being a video production assistant for NAU e-Learning Center's Creative Design Group.

Nowadays, I strive to live simply, intentionally, autonomously and curiously for the purposes of maximizing personal and creative pursuits, overall well-being, financial independence, and social/environmental contribution.

Current Availability (updated August 2019)

I am available for local, domestic, or international projects and general opportunities. Please contact me below to discuss your requirements.

Photo Licensing

I am somewhat unconventional in that I do allow personal or non-commercial use* of my uncommissioned photos unless otherwise noted. Essentially, much of my personal work falls under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license. If you have any questions about this or if you wish to use any of my uncommissioned photos for commercial purposes, do contact me first.

* i.e. you shouldn't be making money from my work without my consent.

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